Thursday, August 4, 2016

Home Sweet Apartment.... Again?

So for those of you that read my post yesterday you will know that we are scrambling for a somewhat cheaper apartment. In my apartment hunting adventures yesterday I decided to check out my boyfriends old apartment because I knew it was cheaper rent and not that bad of a location. I remember when we first started dating and I would go visit him at this apartment and feel very comfortable. We would spend hours sitting on the couch while he showed me youtube videos of silly things and they were pretty neat!
I was able to find the apartment without using the gps. When I had called they had told me they have a newly renovated one bedroom. As I walked to the office I was reminded of how giddy I had felt walking up to his apartment when we were in the throws of blooming love. The price was do able and as she was walking me to the apartment I felt a sense of dejavu. As she approached the door I realized she was showing me the same exact apartment he used to live in. I honestly could not stop laughing at how weird it was. The place looked amazing they had completely redone the kitchen and the floors. I called my boyfriend directly after leaving and got him laughing as hard as I was.
Today I am going to turn in the applications and security deposit. Maybe this is what we needed all along. I am going to be going to school and about to be very busy and stressed so maybe this is just everything lining up so I can do that with as little of stress as possible.
In conclusion everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to.

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