Thursday, August 4, 2016

Home Sweet Apartment.... Again?

So for those of you that read my post yesterday you will know that we are scrambling for a somewhat cheaper apartment. In my apartment hunting adventures yesterday I decided to check out my boyfriends old apartment because I knew it was cheaper rent and not that bad of a location. I remember when we first started dating and I would go visit him at this apartment and feel very comfortable. We would spend hours sitting on the couch while he showed me youtube videos of silly things and they were pretty neat!
I was able to find the apartment without using the gps. When I had called they had told me they have a newly renovated one bedroom. As I walked to the office I was reminded of how giddy I had felt walking up to his apartment when we were in the throws of blooming love. The price was do able and as she was walking me to the apartment I felt a sense of dejavu. As she approached the door I realized she was showing me the same exact apartment he used to live in. I honestly could not stop laughing at how weird it was. The place looked amazing they had completely redone the kitchen and the floors. I called my boyfriend directly after leaving and got him laughing as hard as I was.
Today I am going to turn in the applications and security deposit. Maybe this is what we needed all along. I am going to be going to school and about to be very busy and stressed so maybe this is just everything lining up so I can do that with as little of stress as possible.
In conclusion everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Home Sweet Apartment

At some point in my mid twenties I found myself feeling entitled. Now I have been on my own since I was seventeen and life has always seemed to be a battle. In the last couple years I have found my life progressively getting better and even a bit easier. All of the hard work had seemed to be paying off. Then I found myself looking for apartments with my boyfriend and I was excited at the prospect of getting an apartment that was in a nice neighborhood, washer and dryer in unit and an ICE MAKER! First I found the most beautiful apartment with all of those things and not to mention a walk in closet and a huge kitchen. It was so perfect and I was so excited. When I went to apply for it the next day it was already scooped up. I was pretty devastated and started the entitled brat road. I even through a bit of a toddler fit.
Well I got over that as soon as I viewed the next fancy apartment that had all the other amenities plus A ROMAN STYLE BATHTUB!! Everything was going so perfect I paid the deposit, we had our move in date and then.... they wanted double the rent to be able to move in. Needless to say that was a lot of money. Double devastated. I found myself pissed at the world for not getting what I want. The world was out to get me and I deserved to have a nice apartment. I was so stuck on the material things and let it completely absorb me to the point of a pretty dark depression.
Today I am going to look at two apartments that have none of those features I was so excited about, Yes I am still a little salty about that part, but I know it will be alright. Does it kind of suck? yes. Will it be forever? No. I lost track of what is most important about getting this apartment. It is the first apartment I will be getting with the man I love. No matter where we live it will be home and we will make it wonderful. I can buy ice trays for a few more years and be just fine. My solution is to enjoy any place we live and make a real home for both of us no matter where we end up. So the conclusion of this post is we are not entitled to anything. If you want something you need to work for it and if it doesn't work out you just keep working at it.  Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to that 10%.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Being an adult 101 Step One. Get a JOB!!

Now this is probably one of the first things that I had to learn. I needed to learn that my job in my twenties does not, I repeat, does not have to be your future career. It just needs to be a job for right now while you figure out what your career path is. You just need to make it work for the time being. So don't stress the job or jobs you do in your 20's does not necessarily define what you will do for the rest of your life. A placeholder job can be a stepping stone to learn some new skills for your future career. Or maybe you will find your niche early and start growing in a company. Either way you need to first find a job, so here are the steps to land really any job.

1. Build a resume
One of the biggest things I can stress when writing a resume is wording. I managed to make working a register at mcdonalds sound very professional and responsible. Example: I managed all currency transactions with customers.... Sounds way better then people ordered horrible greasy food in a particularly rude manner.
Your resume should also not be overly wordy. You don't need a full page about your babysitting skills. You should use your last 3 jobs, your skills and education and manage to fit them on max 2 pages. Most places have to read over quite a few  resumes so honestly if they see a bunch of pages they will toss it in the garbage without even bothering to read all your hard work.
Your resume is meant to make you shine, so make sure you highlight your greatest skills. One of my biggest skills is organization and merchandising. In other words I am very good at displaying product in a very attractive way.

2. Apply for jobs
One of my absolute favorite sites to apply for jobs is It is easy to use the main thing I recommend doing though is writing down all the jobs you apply for. That way when you are getting a bunch of phone calls because of your killer resume you have a vague idea of what type of position you applied for in the sea of jobs.
Now if you actually have to go to the website to apply and they have the assessment test that a lot of jobs do, the strongly agree to strongly disagree test, it is extremely important to not answer in the middle. So make sure you are answering strongly to one way or the other.
Apply for all kinds of jobs. You may be surprised and find a job you really enjoy that you were not expecting to.

3. Interview like a boss
First off I don't care if you are interviewing at a fast food restaurant, DRESS PROFESSIONALLY! Girls here are some rules.
- No cleavage
- No jeans
- No hair in the face
What I always wear is a nice conservative top, black pants, nice flats, hair pulled back into a bun and light makeup.
Be friendly and make eye contact and also be your best self. Take a deep breath before you enter that interview and remember that you can only do your best and your best is better than you think it is.
And finally be early! Show them that you are reliable and show up 15 minutes early. That easy!

Having a job is important, but it is also important to not be miserable. Life is to short so give a job a go for a bit and if it makes you miserable try something else. Every job has its stresses but having horrible anxiety and misery every time you walk in the door is not a good sign and you need to find a different job and you are not a failure for finding a different job.
Welcome to adulthood! Now go get a job!

Welcome to the Grown up guide!

I know that somewhere along the line I have felt as if I had missed the how to be a grown up class. I have made a lot of mistakes and have felt like I was the only one has felt all alone in the big bad world of being an adult. The things that most people just seem to know how to do I have felt like an infant thrown into a pool and now I was drowning because nobody bothered to teach me how to swim. I just wanted someone to throw me a pair of floaties.

Then I realized that I needed to stop expecting others to take care of me and start taking care of myself. I am not saying that I just woke up and had it all figured out (even though that would have been awesome) It took a lot of practice and trying a lot of things. I have also failed at a lot of things and have made some pretty poor decisions. I began my twenties living with a man who took care of me. I would not recommend this to anyone. He was a very good guy and I will always be grateful for all the things he did for me. The problem was it didn't last and I was left with basically nothing. I had no car, no place to live and I worked at caribou coffee which definitely did not pay the bills.
What did I do you say? Well there wasn't one magic move that made it all better. There was multiple trying obstacles that I had to overcome and I am still overcoming. I have a lot of experience in figuring out how to survive in a world that is pretty difficult to survive in.. especially if you didn't go to college.

In this blog I am going to cover everything from how to find an apartment you can afford to how to actually date in a world where there are a lot of undateable men to grocery shopping and a lot more. I will even be putting random recipes for those that are like me and are not miss head chef. I also have learned some good cheap decorating tricks. So welcome to your own personal grown up guide! We can get through this together so take a deep breath. You got this.