Thursday, June 23, 2016

Being an adult 101 Step One. Get a JOB!!

Now this is probably one of the first things that I had to learn. I needed to learn that my job in my twenties does not, I repeat, does not have to be your future career. It just needs to be a job for right now while you figure out what your career path is. You just need to make it work for the time being. So don't stress the job or jobs you do in your 20's does not necessarily define what you will do for the rest of your life. A placeholder job can be a stepping stone to learn some new skills for your future career. Or maybe you will find your niche early and start growing in a company. Either way you need to first find a job, so here are the steps to land really any job.

1. Build a resume
One of the biggest things I can stress when writing a resume is wording. I managed to make working a register at mcdonalds sound very professional and responsible. Example: I managed all currency transactions with customers.... Sounds way better then people ordered horrible greasy food in a particularly rude manner.
Your resume should also not be overly wordy. You don't need a full page about your babysitting skills. You should use your last 3 jobs, your skills and education and manage to fit them on max 2 pages. Most places have to read over quite a few  resumes so honestly if they see a bunch of pages they will toss it in the garbage without even bothering to read all your hard work.
Your resume is meant to make you shine, so make sure you highlight your greatest skills. One of my biggest skills is organization and merchandising. In other words I am very good at displaying product in a very attractive way.

2. Apply for jobs
One of my absolute favorite sites to apply for jobs is It is easy to use the main thing I recommend doing though is writing down all the jobs you apply for. That way when you are getting a bunch of phone calls because of your killer resume you have a vague idea of what type of position you applied for in the sea of jobs.
Now if you actually have to go to the website to apply and they have the assessment test that a lot of jobs do, the strongly agree to strongly disagree test, it is extremely important to not answer in the middle. So make sure you are answering strongly to one way or the other.
Apply for all kinds of jobs. You may be surprised and find a job you really enjoy that you were not expecting to.

3. Interview like a boss
First off I don't care if you are interviewing at a fast food restaurant, DRESS PROFESSIONALLY! Girls here are some rules.
- No cleavage
- No jeans
- No hair in the face
What I always wear is a nice conservative top, black pants, nice flats, hair pulled back into a bun and light makeup.
Be friendly and make eye contact and also be your best self. Take a deep breath before you enter that interview and remember that you can only do your best and your best is better than you think it is.
And finally be early! Show them that you are reliable and show up 15 minutes early. That easy!

Having a job is important, but it is also important to not be miserable. Life is to short so give a job a go for a bit and if it makes you miserable try something else. Every job has its stresses but having horrible anxiety and misery every time you walk in the door is not a good sign and you need to find a different job and you are not a failure for finding a different job.
Welcome to adulthood! Now go get a job!

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